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Rewards !

Added Rewards page :
As soon as star citizen is released, there will be rewards to win for those who share the most.
But register now, the first to share will be favored.

You can also join Drekar organization, even as affiliate, to be warn when there is new interesting POI to visit.

A Star is born !

Star POI is a free Star Citizen points of interest database.
You can share whatever you found (wreck, gun, base,etc), if you think that could help other citizens.
For the moment, there is no coordinate in the game, so it is not very easy to find something, but later we’ll add it.
Of course, if you don’t want to be spoiled or share your stuff, you can hate me.
But if you need to make money quickly, or want to see something new you missed,or just curious, you are welcome to help.

You can use filters to do some powerful search like : give me all POI with more than 400 UEC reward, in Yela. is brought to you by Drekar